100+ Instagram Bio for Cat Lovers (Cool, Funny, Cute)

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Instagram Bio for Cat Lovers

  • My cat has threatened me multiple times with her laser eyes, so I have to hide in the closet from time to time. And when I do, I celebrate by listening to music.
  • You had me at meow.
  • You only get one life, so make it a good one with your feline friends.
  • When life gives you a cat, take it and make it Instagram famous.
  • I am a cat lover 
  • When you’re a cat person and the world is full of cats.
  • Patience is the key to a successful human-cat relationship.
  • Boys? Whatever. Cats? Forever.
  • I prefer to be called a “cat person.” To each their own, I say. 
  • Cats bring a sense of calm and comfort to our lives.
  • Warning: The cat is not in the mood. It will slap annoying people.
  • To all the cat owners out there, you’ve got this 
  • My life is cats and paws.
  • This cat is disappointed in your life choices.
  • There are no ordinary cats.
  • -Cats are rumored to live nine lives; if that is the case, then I want to live as many as nine lives just to be with my cat! #catperson
  • Real angels have whiskers, fur, and a tail.
  • I have a cattitude problem.
  • I love that you love cats, too 
  • -We always shop for the five of us, four of us humans and the fifth family member being our cat! #cat
  • Cat lover? Yes, we are all cat lovers. That is why our newest ad campaign celebrates the close bond with our feline friends.
  • Sleepy cat time.
  • What? Cat got your tongue?
  • Oh wow. Look at that little critter! Those little feet. That happy face!
  • What a cat-astrophe!
  • I’m a cat lady, and my cats are my life.  #catsofinstagram
  • Haters will say it’s fake, but I love cats.
  • I have abandoned my cat in a house with a vacuum cleaner, and he is saying something!
  • -Finding true love is difficult these days, but finding a stray cat to adopt is not! So, adopt a cat and stay happy! #kittylove
  • Lifehack: Just purr loud enough, and you’ll get whatever you want.
  • A big round of   for all you #catlovers out there.
  • The more people I meet, the more I love my cat.
  • Cute Kitty and Fur Mama!
  • Cats are not just cute—they also have an elevated sense of self-preservation.
  • If you love cats as much as we do, here’s a little reminder to celebrate your feline friends this weekend 
  • I’m a cat lover, and if you are like me, this is your place. I want to purr so many great pics of adorable cats!
  • I’m proud to be a cat lover.
  • You will always have a place in my heart, meow, and fur-ever!
  • They say that if your cat is happy and you’re happy too. And when they start snoring, they purr just like a car, I close my eyes, and I’m wherever you are…
  • Obsessed with cats.
  • I wuv my cat, and my cat wuvs me. So what could be better? We want to be together all the time.
  • How does it feel to be a purrrfect pet owner?  #catlovers
  • May everyone have a meowy day!
  • -I cannot imagine a life without the existence of my cats!
  • Cat hair, don’t care.
  • Kittens are angels with whiskers and fur.
  • Cats don’t care if you’re rich or poor, big or small. They’ll treat you the same no matter what.
  • Are you kitten me?
  • When they’re in your hair and purring and you’re busy admiring their gorgeous eyes 
  • I have a theory that cats were put on earth to teach us the definition of love.
  • -I personally feel those aunties from all neighborhoods that simply cannot mind their own businesses should get some idea about it from cats! #catroyalty
  • Being chosen by a cat feels really good.
  • I am a cat lover and need my space, so I like to sleep in weird positions and play with toys.
  • She came, she purred, she conquered.
  • Yes, I am a cat lover.
  • Just a cute little snuggle junkie.

Funny Instagram Bio for Cat Lovers

  • -Just thinking about how my cat would have been the classiest person ever if it were a human!
  • The cat is in charge, I just pay the rent.
  • If you’re all about the furry kind, you’re going to love this festive # catstagram
  • Cats are cool, but cats on couches are the coolest. 
  • Cats choose us; we don’t own them
  • My cats are my heart, and I am theirs.
  • Sorry I’m late. My cat was sitting on me.
  • Our fur babies are always ready for a nap, a walk, or just snuggling up on someone’s lap 
  • Because I’m a dog lover doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate kittens. 
  • -If you were to write a crime novel, you could easily base your murderer’s personality on the personality of a normal cat! #cats
  • Looking good, feline better.
  • -The majestic vibe that you can feel when you see a cat walking steadily and calmly is the kind of vibe I personally aspire to exude!
  • A cat owner’s life is full of joys and pure bliss. Here are a few of ours! 
  • What a cute cat. I want to pet it.
  • Who knew cat lovers would be so cute? 
  • Meow chika meow meow.
  • Smitten kitten.
  • -I am amazed at how easily my cat seems to hold her invisible crown on her head when my best friend being a human, is all over the place!
  • I’d rather be a cat lady than a cougar any day 
  • I am very concerned about the well-being of our cats.
  • Your day-to-day routine is a lot more interesting when there’s a cat in the picture. 
  • -Yeah, dogs are great, but cats are easier to maintain! #catlover
  • I love my cat, but I also really love coffee.  Appealing to coffee lovers and cat lovers? Yes, please!
  • -You may not have everything in your life, but you must know that if you own a cat, you have quite a good amount of all the good things in the world! #cat
  • You know you’ve done something right if you’ve been loved by a cat.
  • I am a cat lover. I am not afraid to say it, and I don’t feel ashamed!
  • I just spent half an hour watching my cat sleep. Happy #catday!
  • When you’re a cat lady, you always have dinner ready for when the cats come home. 
  • I love cats because they sleep when you want to sleep, stay up with you when you want to, and purr when you pet them. #ilovecats
  • Cats know how to live life.
  • I love fall, but I don’t love the cold. I live in SoCal, so these pumpkin spice lattes are my way of celebrating the season! 
  • My cat is a little bit of a jerk. But I still love him.
  • -Words cannot describe how much I love my cat, her cat husband, and their tiny kittens!
  • Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. What’s your point?
  • I work hard so my cat can have a better life
  • It’s hard to be a cat person and not love cats. There’s just something about felines that makes us human again
  • Here’s to loving our cats with all of our hearts. They are truly a part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without them.
  • I love cats and coffee, so I created a place just for us.
  • Are you feeling warm and fuzzy? Like you want to cuddle with a cat? Or like you are being hugged by a big motherly cat? Embrace the fuzziness!
  • -It would do the world a great deal of good if there were more cats in the world, at least enough so that each person could pet one!
  • I cat even.
  • -All my happiness is based on these small animals with cute paws, whiskers, cute eyes, and a cute nose, the animal altogether being known as the cat!
  • Philosophers got nothing on cats. The wisdom of cats is substantially superior.
  • “Cats are known to do some weird and wacky things, but I’m not sure if this one takes the cake or not. It’s safe to say that their laughs at this ‘Cat vs. Chef.’

Cute Instagram Bio for Cat Lovers

  • People who love cats have some of the brightest souls around.
  • Feline family with our cute babies!
  • All visitors must be approved by the cat.
  • If you love cats, chances are you’ll love this special. And if you don’t love them, take it anyway––for the price of a cat’s blessing.
  • My cat stares at me as if I’m not aware.
  • Cat lovers have better senses of smell than humans   
  • When you break your promise, but it’s ok.
  • Stray cats go where they are fed. Don’t let that go over your head.
  • I am not a cat lady, and I just have a CAT-titude for life.
  • -Living my life while learning to throw sass all around and learning it from the one that does that the best, my cat! #mykitty
  • -Is it just me, or does anybody else feel that cats could be perfect murderers?
  • My cat has been hanging out near the fish tank all day, and now she won’t stop staring at it. I think she is plotting to break in.
  • -Learning from my cat on how to mind my own business!
  • No scenery is more tranquil than the sight of a snoozing cat.
  • Can’t leave the house. I have plans with my cat

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